Friday, December 10, 2010

How Often Blog Should Be Added With A Fresh Content?

Blogging without any aim or criteria will not give you fruitful results. Blog posting frequency is must for the purpose. It totally depends on how often to blog habit of yours! 
The more you go to your blog and add a unique content, the more the reader will get attached to your blog. Therefore, more visit to blog will give you the readers in ample. 
How often blog is added with a new post is directly related to SEO. How! The answer is that when you add a new post to your blog, along with older reader, new reader gets entry to new post with the help of search engines. 

Although blogger gets his blog timely updations but then also, he has lot confusion regarding how often blog must be updated. But, in reality, there is no set time limit to this question. The only fact that matters is the content of your blog or the topic in which you are interested. Like, the movie reviews require daily updations while the other may require weekly updating. 

If you make a habit of visiting your blog twice or thrice in a week, then it will be wise to fix the days of updations. This habit of a blogger will be gradually well-known by the reader and he will read your blog during that time-interval only. Therefore, popularity of blog is highly affected with the how often blog gets updated. 

Blogging will acquire great publicity and popularity when it is written carrying a purpose or a theme. Randomly written blog will get failed in catching the attraction of readers and they will never get back to your blog even though you wrote well afterwards. Therefore, to augment your blog, it is very important that how often blog is updated by you. 
When you post maximum articles per day, then your blog will certainly catch the viewers in large number. This habit is must for maximum growth of your blog. Blogging is the second name to innovation and new ideas as frequent as possible. 

To make your blog renowned, it totally depends on you how often blog is visited by you and how many posts are added to it per day or per week. As the reader wants new every moment, so to get more and more viewer rating, get ready to update your blog daily or positively once in a couple of day!

Blogging Tips For Success

The following article covers some tips for blogging success – tips that work for a good number of bloggers, blogging for revenue on the internet. These tips are as follows:

Write and Read
Added to writing good content on your blog – English and subject wise – you also have to be a good ‘visitor'. You have to regularly read other blogs as well as contribute to them in terms of comments. This not only helps you to build network with other bloggers but it also gives you an idea of the ‘thought process' behind the reader/visitor of your blog.

You must captivate and maintain the interest of the reader. Make sure that your content is fresh and lively – don't just toll out chunks of facts – and make sure that the information is correct and useful. Add in a human touch – a casual comment, an unusual expression. Share your enthusiasm for the subject being discussed.

It is important that a blogger be consistent – cover a niche – rather than haphazardly write posts. This is untrue in cases where the blog is more of a ‘journal' (which is more or less what a blog was initially meant as). However, if you are a ‘content' blogger, focus on a niche and use a consistent style.

Precise Quality
Instead of writing long posts that don't have much useful information in them, write short posts of a high quality. Make sure that your posts are precise and as short as possible so that the user can read through the post and get whatever information they need quickly. Additionally, rather than publish a ton of posts, publish a smaller number of posts with a high quality.

First Impression
Remember, in blogging, blogs are judged by their covers. Your front page should have a well designed layout and, preferably, contain your latest blog post. Additionally, present your best content on the front page. Add tag clouds and include a search box at the top. Have a well designed logo/banner. Add in a good number of pages. The first impression is very important – a disappointed visitor to the blog will possibly not come back again and will even discourage others. A happy visitor on the other hand will share the website and regularly visit it.

Experience Sharing
Blogging is more about sharing your experience than simply preseting fatcs. It is journalism on the internet. Feel free to behave like a human and reach out to your readers. Share what you have done particularly when it comes to reviewing something. Tell them what you did for fun on any day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010 vs

First, I want to talk about Wordpress in general. WordPress is one of the leading web publishing platforms. Its is a free of charge software so to actually download and install the software on your web server will cost absolutely nothing. Then below I will talk about the differences. is the self hosted version of WordPress. This requires you to supply your own web hosting and before you rush in and order up some web hosting please check that the hosting provider meets the minimum requirements for a WordPress blog. The requirements are listed on the site along with some recommended web hosts.
To install the WordPress software you can either download the package from the site and install manually using the instructions on the site, it is very simple and quick to do, having said that it does require a rudimentary knowledge of FTP and editing text files, so I would suggest that if you are not comfortable with doing this seek advice from a somebody who has the required knowledge. Alternatively some web hosts offer a 1 click install utility from within the hosting control panel which will auto install WordPress for you. Check with your web host to see if this functionality is available.
Once installed you can customize the look and feel of your blog site so you can change themes or add specific functionality onto your blog as you see fit. You are not restricted to the type of content you upload to the Blog (assuming it does not breach the Web hosts TOS) and you can run advertising as well with no restrictions. is actually hosted by the company behind the WordPress software. This means they will take care of your hosting fees, backups or system upgrades. All of this is offered completely free of charge, you just simply sign up, pick a name for your blog or use a name that is already not in use and away you go. Within a matter of minutes you will be writing content and publishing to your blog all free and hassle free. As is heavily visited, you will find that the major search engines such as,, will soon notice your blog and start indexing your site very quickly, which is good for newbies.
As part of the service your blog will have the following installed:
  • Askimet anti-spam (prevents comment SPAM)
  • Stats - Full stats engine so you can monitor the traffic to your site
  • Fully mobile optimized - Ideal for blog readers using iPhone or Android mobile devices
  • Backups - All handled by WordPress themselves
WordPress do impose some constraints on the type of blog that you can run on they are as follows:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Schools
  • Non-profits
  • Politics
  • Military
  • Private
  • Sports
  • How-to, tips and reviews
Not Allowed
  • Scraper blogs:
  • SEO blogs:
  • Affiliate marketing blogs:
  • Warez blogs:
  • Automated blogs:
But for the limitation, you will not be able to add many custom features to your blog, other than those listed and you cannot on the free programme use a custom domain name which could be a little limiting if you want to brand the blog in line with your business. Its very much a horses for courses approach. Less hassle to manage but limited in functionality and you will need to weigh this up when making a choice.
So in summary is a quick, cheap and easy way to get your blog site up and running real quick.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For my first post, I’ll teach you about how to build a blog. (as what you are looking at now)
You can create a blog for free by visiting free blog hosting websites. They suggest implementation of such features as design templates, changing colors, selecting pictures and font. If you plan on creating a simple non-complicated blog about your interests and hobbies a free blog hosting website is what you need.

Step 1. Come up with your blog's topic. Choose a certain subject and stick to it. It will be difficult to run a blog about everything. For example, instead of blogging about cuisine of the world, bring to focus Turkish or Georgian one, or on internet tips just like what I am doing right now J

Step 2. Choose your host provider, the 2 most popular free blog hosting is blogger and wordpress. You can find them in and Please don’t be confused by and, I’ll tell you about the difference in the future.

 Step 3. Register an acoount and follow the instructions. Choose a design template that will suit your website perfectly. The control panel in blogger and wordpress are very user friendly. Don’t be scared off, ok ?  Both of them do provide a huge range of default templates. Select the template that fits your blog's topic. For example, choose a sports theme if you're blogging about volleyball or tennis.

Step 4. Think of your blog's name. This is the first thing the visitors will see. Their first impressions about your blog will depend on it. For this reason, we recommend you to come up with something catchy and original, something people will memorize, when looking at it.

Step 5. Your blog should be filled with content: articles, pictures or links to other websites. Do not forget, if you are not the original creator of any articles or pictures you added to the blog, you must cite the person or website that is.
Well, it is just a brief steps on building blog on your own, I’ll explain more about the difference between vs, advantages vs disadvantages of wordpress and blogger in the future.

Here I included a video on blogging with, it's quite old, but don't worry the steps are almost the same.

For more information, if you want, you can go to and grab the precious information inside.
Good luck on your blog building J